1. What ticker for Caixa Seguridade shares and where are they traded?

Caixa Seguridade shares are traded on B3 – Brasil, Bolsa, Balcão under the ticker “CXSE3”, and listed on the Novo Mercado segment.

2. What does it mean for the Company to belong to B3's Novo Mercado segment?

Companies that are part of the “Novo Mercado” listing segment adopt additional voluntary governance practices to those required by current legislation, thus meeting B3’s highest corporate governance standards. In this listing segment, only ON shares are issued, companies have corporate rules that expand the rights of shareholders, a differentiated structure of inspection and control, and disclose a greater number of documents required in the Novo Mercado Regulation available for consultation on the B3 website.

3. What is Caixa Seguridade?

Caixa Seguridade Participações S.A. is a publicly-held holding company, founded on May 21, 2015, created with the purpose of consolidating, under a single company, all of CAIXA’s activities in the insurance, premium bonds, supplementary pension, credit letters, brokerage and related activities, including any future expansions of these activities, in Brazil or abroad, whether organic or not. In addition to providing scale gains in these activities and in its operations, and obtaining cost and expense reductions in the insurance segment.

To know all of Caixa Seguridade’s history, simply access the Company’s History and Corporate Profile page.

4. How to obtain information about custody position statement and report of earnings on acquired shares?

The Bookkeeping Bank of Caixa Seguridade shares is Banco Bradesco through its Shares and Custody Department. Bradesco is responsible for issuing stock position statements, earnings reports, updating registration data, transferring shares, among other services.

Customer service is provided in person at any Banco Bradesco branch and any questions about procedures to be carried out can be clarified through the Customer Service Center 0800 701 1616, available on weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

5. How is the Company's dividend distribution policy?

Caixa Seguridade dividends are distributed in accordance with the guidelines of the Dividend Distribution Policy, which can be consulted on the Corporate Bylaws, Policies and Codes page.

As provided for in the Policy, at the end of the Fiscal Year, the Company will allocate its income in accordance with the law and, from the net income, will apply 5% in the constitution of the Legal Reserve and, afterwards, will highlight the mandatory minimum dividends.

The shareholders are guaranteed the right to receive, as a mandatory minimum dividend, in each fiscal year, 25% (twenty-five percent) of the adjusted net income, with the deductions and additions provided for in Art. 202 of the Brazilian Corporation Law.

6. How to receive dividends?

The payment of dividends from Caixa Seguridade is made through a deposit in the current account held by the shareholders, informed to Banco Bradesco by the shareholders themselves or by the brokerage company where the shares were acquired. Alternatively, to receive dividends, shareholders may present themselves at the branch of Banco Bradesco S.A. of their choice. Any questions about procedures to be performed can be clarified through the Call Center 0800 701 1616, available on weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

7. How to consult dividends distributed by Caixa Seguridade?

To consult the dividends paid by the Company, simply access the Dividend History page.

8. How to proceed in case of problems in receiving dividends?

Doubts about the credit in the account can be clarified with the brokerage where the shares were acquired, and, alternatively, the shareholders can present themselves at the branch of Banco Bradesco S.A. of their choice. Any doubts about procedures to be performed can be clarified through Banco Bradesco’s Call Center 0800 701 1616, available on weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

9. When are the Company's results published and how to consult previously published results?

The results release dates can be consulted through the Events Calendar page  and to consult the results already published, simply access the Results Center page.

10. How to register to receive notices, communications and relevant facts issued by Caixa Seguridade?

To receive the Company’s information, simply register in the Mailing List on Caixa Seguridade’s IR website. The form is available for filling out on the Subscribe to our Mailing List page.

11. When will the Caixa Seguridade Meetings be held and how to participate?

Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) is called and installed within 4 (four) months after the end of the fiscal year, and the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is called and installed in an extraordinary manner.

All shareholders can participate in the Meeting, the call will be made by Caixa Seguridade as provided for in articles 124 and 289 of Law 6404 of December 15, 1976 and CVM Resolution No. 481/09. Detailed guidelines on how to participate in the Meetings are available in the Participation Manual for each call, available on the Shareholders and Board Meetings page.

12. Which companies are part of the Caixa Seguridade group?

To find out about all the companies in the Caixa Seguridade group, simply access the Group Companies page and to view the Company’s corporate organization, access the Ownership Structure page.

13. Who are the Company's executives?

To find out more about Caixa Seguridade’s executives, the composition of the Councils and Committees, as well as the role of each member and their respective terms of office, simply access the Executive Board, Council and Committees page.

14. How is Corporate Governance carried out at Caixa Seguridade?

Caixa Seguridade’s governance and management model is based on principles of transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility, seeking to provide trust and legal certainty to its controller, administrators, shareholders and those with whom it has external relationships. Some of the main Committees and Best Practices:

  • Internal Audit;
  • Related-Party Transaction Committee;
  • Audit Committee;
  • Eligibility Committee.

The Related-Party Transaction Committee, made up of 3 members, 2 appointed by the Company + President (member of the Board representing the minority shareholders), stands out. To learn about the other governance bodies, simply access the the Executive Board, Council and Committees page.

15. How are the Company's revenues obtained?

Caixa Seguridade’s revenues are obtained through commissions on products and the result of equity interests.

The commission comes both from the brokerage fee for insurance products traded through Caixa Corretagem, which began operating in 2021, and from Revenues for access to the distribution network and use of the CAIXA brand – the so-called BDF (Bancassurance Distribution Fee) – fee charged for using the CAIXA branch before the start of the own brokerage.

The result of investments in equity interests called MEP is obtained by the percentage corresponding to Caixa Seguridade in the results of the participated companies. For more information about Caixa Seguridade’s ownership structure and respective percentages of ownership, simply access the Ownership Structure page.

16. How is the Recurring ROE disclosed in the Company's results calculated?

The recurring ROE disclosed in Caixa Seguridade’s results is calculated on an annual basis, and obtained from the ratio between the accumulated net income for the year and the average equity, the values being calculated without the non-recurring effects.

17. What are the Products linked to Risk Business?

This group includes insurance and is intended for protection. Caixa Seguridade offers a complete portfolio, including: life, credit life, mortgage, homeowner, among others.

18. What Products are linked to the Accumulation Business?

Private Pension: Benefit plans of a social security nature and are intended to complement the benefits offered by the general social security system.

Premium bonds: Product in which part of the payments made by the holder is used to form capital, which will be paid within a maximum period established, and the remainder is used to cover the drawings, commonly provided for, and administrative expenses of premium bonds companies.

Credit Letter: A group formed by natural or legal persons, promoted by a credit letter administrator, with the purpose of providing its members, through self-financing, with a term of duration and number of shares previously determined, for the acquisition of goods and services.

19. What makes up the Distribution Business?

The Distribution Businesses comprise brokerage income from insurance products traded through Caixa Corretora, and income from access to the distribution network and use of the CAIXA brand, called BDF (Bancassurance Distribution Fee), fee charged for using the CAIXA branch before the start of the own brokerage.

20. How are Caixa Seguridade group products distributed?

The products of Caixa Seguridade group companies are offered through the CAIXA Distribution Network, made up of branches and bank posts, correspondents CAIXA Aqui (CCA) and lotteries, machines distributed in ATMs and ATMs, among other service points.

21. How to clarify doubts about products?

Any doubts about the products can be answered through the Caixa Seguridade service channels available on the Service Channels page of the Caixa Seguridade website.

22. What is a Sales Team?

Program created and developed by Caixa Seguridade, whose main objectives are to mobilize, encourage and recognize the sales performance of products by CAIXA employees, teams and managers.

23. How to contact the Investor Relations area?

Contact with Caixa Seguridade’s Investor Relations (IR) area can be made by email, telephone or by filling out a form, available on the IR Contact page