This channel is intended to receive complaints related exclusively to Audit Committee activities, such as:

– disregard with legal, regulatory, or internal codes;
– indication of fraud or accounting irregularities or of non-compliance of internal controls;
– suspicion of corruption or deviation of ethical conduct;
– internal and independent audit acting.

The content of the complaints should be objective and detailed and include any evidence and existing documents in order to enable an effective verification process.

The protection of the identity of the provider and the confidential treatment of the information will be ensured.

This channel also admits the registration of anonymous complaint, provided that it consists of facts or objective information that enable the verification and identification of the elements denounced.

In order to guarantee confidentiality and impartiality in the analysis of the information received, only the Audit Committee, which is formed by members without any bond of subordination to the Company’s Board of Executive Officers, has access to the messages sent through this channel.




Comitê de Auditoria da CAIXA Seguridade Participações S.A.

SAUS QUADRA 3 BLC E 3 ANDAR MZ 3, ASA SUL CEP: 70070-030– Brasília, DF

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