CAIXA Seguridade adopts a socio-environmental responsibility policy that ensures the company’s sustainable performance by integrating the social and environmental dimensions into its strategy, ensuring the incorporation of the principles and guidelines of this policy in business, processes and relationships with stakeholders.

The principles of sustainability of the company are: (i) to act ethically, with respect to universal human rights and the laws of the countries where it operates, and intolerance of any kind of illegal behavior in its operations and relationships; (ii) engagement and ongoing dialogue with stakeholders in the development, implementation and monitoring of policies, practices and business; (iii) collaborative action with customers, suppliers, competitors, government and other actors in the value chain, in order to promote, through our services and relationships, the development capable of meeting the needs of the current generation, without compromising the capacity of future generations to do so; (iv) the promotion of citizenship and democratization of access to products and services related to the corporate purpose of companies in which the CAIXA Securities has participation, contributing to the development of society and to a fairer and more inclusive economy; (v) the sustainable consumption of natural resources and materials in the internal processes and in the contracting of goods and services; (vi) respect for the environment and contribution to the protection and conservation of ecosystems, water resources and biodiversity and development of solutions that promote a low carbon economy; and (vii) the effective, accurate, adequate and clear disclosure of information in order to provide stakeholders with an understanding as well as to support stakeholder decision-making.

In addition, CAIXA Seguridade supports the initiatives and commitments of its parent company and its subsidiaries related to the promotion of social and environmental responsibility.


Annual Report