CAIXA Seguridade is a public company, listed in the Novo Mercado segment of Brazil, Bolsa e Balcão [B]3, in line with the best market practices on governance issues.

The company follows procedures compatible with the rules of its business segment and the governance and management model is based on principles of transparency, equity, accountability and corporate responsibility, seeking to confer confidence and legal certainty to its controller, CAIXA, administrators, and those with whom it has an external relationship.

In this sense, the company, reinforcing its commitment to the best governance practices, has in its structure an Executive Board responsible for the improvement of processes and instruments of governance.

As a result, the governance and management model in use, supported by the transparency of our activities, ensures a management philosophy aligned with the vision of our strategic plan, highlighting accountability mechanisms for managers and commitment to compliance and risk management, maximizing creation of sustainable value to our shareholders and stakeholders.