Board of Directors

Caixa Seguridade Participações S/A

Name Position Election Date
Pedro Duarte Guimarães Chairman 04/26/2019
Marco Antônio da Silva Barros Vice Chairman 04/29/2020
Leonardo José Rolim Guimarães Member 10/06/2019
Paulo Henrique Ângelo Souza Member 07/01/2020
Ilana Trombka Member 08/19/2020
Vacant Position Independent Member
Antônio Joaquim Gonzalez Rio-Mayor Independent Member 08/03/2018

* Mandate 2019/2021

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Pedro Duarte Guimarães
Pedro became CAIXA CEO in January 3, 2019, and led a huge restructuring process at the bank, through decisive actions such as remodeling the management; focusing on key products, such as mortgage loans, payroll loans, credit to small companies and public policies. Additionally, Guimarães coordinated a total amount of R$54.9 billion in operations, including asset sales of IRB, Petrobrás, Banco do Brasil and Banco PAN. As a result, CAIXA had the exception taken off from its balance sheet and achieved it’s highest net income ever: R$21.1 billion, more than twice 2018 net income.

Guimarães innovated by creating CAIXA Mais Brasil, an interpersonal management, leadership, governance and social responsibility program. Pedro traveled 200,000 km among all states, especially for the smaller cities, for whom CAIXA presence is decisive. Up to now, there have been 73 weekends visiting clients, over 300 branches, more than 20,000 employees, more than 150 lottery points and CAIXA Aqui exclusive correspondents.

Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Guimarães is leading the largest social, digital and financial inclusion initiative in Brazil, which consists on the payment of Emergency Aid, reaching more than 66 million people, totaling more than R$250 billion in payments. This movement, during the Covid-19 pandemic, was only possible through the digital platform, CAIXA Tem, which was developed in parallel to the transactions. More than 121 million people will receive their payment from CAIXA – Auxílio Emergencial, Saque Emergencial do FGTS or Benefício de Emprego e Renda (BEm). *Position AUG/20.

Guimarães has over 20 years of experience in investment banking. He coordinated several initial public offerings (IPOs), follow-ons (FOs), bond issues, and mergers and acquisitions (M&As) advisory. He also participated in various bank privatization processes, such as Banespa, Banerj, Bemge, Banestado and Meridional.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of CAIXA and Banco PAN, and Chairman of CAIXA Seguridade and CAIXA Cartões, among others.

Guimarães holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in economics from the University of Rochester (USA), a Master’s degree in economics from FGV-RJ (Brazil), and a Bachelor’s degree in economics from PUC-RJ (Brazil).


Marco Antônio da Silva Barros
In the recent past, he held the position of CEO at Caixa Seguridade, CEO at BrasilPrev and Executive Officer at FENASEG.

Mr. Barros is also a member of the Boards of Directors at Caixa Seguradora, Caixa Vida e Previdência and Caixa Seguros Holding.

He holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Economics. He also holds an Executive MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral/SP and a Intensive Course in Business Administration at Fundação Getúlio Vargas/SP.


Leonardo José Rolim Guimarães
He is currently the president of the Brazilian National Institute of Social Security – INSS, having assumed office on January 28, 2020.

Mr. Rolim held the position of secretary at the Special Secretariat for Social Security and Labor of the Economy Ministry. He was also secretary of social security policies at the Brazilian Ministry of Social Security, Vice-President of the Inter-American Conference on Social Security (CISS), President of the National Council of Special Social Security Policy Managers (Conaprev), executive secretary of the Social Security National Council (CNPS).

He was a member of the Deliberative Council of the Workers’ Support Fund (CODEFAT), as well as a member of the IBGE’s Social Statistics Management Committee.

Mr. Rolim  holds a master’s degree in Leading and Management of Pension Plans and Funds from the Universidad de Alcalá, Spain, a specialization in business administration from the Brasília University and in public policies and government management from Escola Nacional de Administração Pública – ENAP.


Paulo Henrique Ângelo Souza
Vice-President of CAIXA for over 3 years. He is currently the Vice President of the Retail Network.

He was a member of the Board of Directors of Quod and the Advisory Board of Caixa Econômica Federal’s Employees  Foundation- FUNCEF.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, an MBA in Business Management from FGV, a qualification in Financial Management and Capital Markets from the New York Institute of Finance, and a Board Member Certification from the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance – IBGC. He has also completed the advanced management program at the Harvard Business School. A career employee, he has been with CAIXA since 2000.


Ilana Trombka
She is currently Chief Executive Office of the Federal Senate, having assumed office in February 2015. She has been a government employee for over 22 years.

Mrs Trombka is an executive with 20 years of experience in leadership positions. She has great experience in administration, strategic management, communication and corporate governance.

She has served as a member of the FINAME Board of Directors (BNDES).

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul, a master’s degree in Social Communication from the same university and a Specialization in Legislative Law from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul.


Antônio Joaquim Gonzalez Rio Mayor
Mr Gonzalez is a Independent Member of the Board of Directors and has already served as General Manager and founder of Akma Consultoria, as Commercial and Sales Director at Marsh Corretora de Seguros and Technical/Commercial Executive Director at Bradesco Seguros e Previdência.

He actively contributed to the change in Bradesco Seguros’ business model, through the establishment of 5 (five) insurance companies, and the due diligence on União Seguros, BCN, Finasa, and Novo Hamburgo Seguros, insurance companies,  for acquisition by Bradesco Seguros. He also led the product distribution management committee in Banco Bradesco’s network, which was responsible for approving products and adapting the network’s needs; he has also worked in the development of insurance programs and participation in roadshows for the placement of reinsurance products by some of the most important domestic and foreign reinsurance companies..

He is also Chairman of the Audit Committee and Chairman of the Caixa Seguridade Related-Party Transaction Committee.

Gonzalez holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Universidade Gama Filho.


Supervisory Board

​Caixa Seguridade Participações S/A

Name Position Election Date
Rodrigo Parente Vives Acting Chairman 04/29/2020
Marcos Brasiliano Rosa Member 07/01/2020
Humberto Fernandes de Moura Member 02/25/2021
Dermeval Bicalho Carvalho Substitute Member 04/26/2019
Juliana Grigol Fonsechi Substitute Member 10/17/2019
Vacant Position Substitute Member

* Mandate 2019/2021

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Rodrigo Parente Vives
Mr. Vives has been Federal Auditor of Finance and Control at the National Treasury since 2008. He currently holds the position of Support Coordinator at the General Coordination of Brazilian Equity Holdings (COPAR/STN).

He was a member of the Corporate Governance Committee of IRB Brasil Re, for about 5 years; member of the Supervisory Board of Centrais Elétricas do Norte do Brasil S/A (Eletronorte), for more than 3 years; and member of the Supervisory Board of Eletrobrás Distribuição Alagoas for 2 years.

Mr Vives holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade de Brasília and an MBA in Financial Management, Controllership and Auditing from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.


Marcos Brasiliano Rosa
Mr Rosa joined CAIXA in 1989. He is currently the CAIXA’s Controller, which comprises budget management, results assessments, monitoring and performance. He is also responsible for the the Accounting Department, including accounting and tax management. In 2020, he became the head of the finance board, responsible for CAIXA’s financial planning, management and execution.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Centro Universitário UDF in Brasília and a postgraduate qualification in Financial Management and Controllership from UNINTER.


Humberto Fernandes de Moura

Mr. Moura joined CAIXA in 1989. He currently serves as CAIXA’s controller, responsible for budget management, results assessments, monitoring and performance.

Mr. Moura is Federal Prosecutor since 2002. He currently holds the position of Executive Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

He is Professor at the University Center of Brasília – UniCEUB. He has a degree in law from UniCEUB. Post-graduated in Public Law from Instituto Brasiliense de Direito Público – IDP, he holds a master’s degree in law and Public Policy from UniCEUB and is doctor in law from UniCEUB.


Dermeval Bicalho Carvalho
Mr Bicalho has been the Banco Pan’s Risk Officer since November 2019. Previously, he held the positions of Risk Officer and Risk Superintendent at CAIXA, where he worked in strengthening the capital structure, as well as in the optimization of allocation in the various business lines. He was responsible for CAIXA’s ICAAP – Internal Capital Self-Assessment Process.

Over 20 years’ experience in risk management for Financial Institution, he has worked at CAIXA in the areas of Operational Risk, Corporate Risks and the Risk and Controls department.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in agronomic engineering from the Universidade Estadual de Londrina and a specialization in Business Economics from the same University. He also holds Postgraduate qualification in Management Development from FGV / SP.

He has ISO31000 Certification – Risk Management and Ombudsman Certification (FEBRABAN).


Juliana Grigol Fonsechi
Mrs Fonsechi has served as CAIXA’s National Superintendent of Accounting and Taxes since April 25, 2019.  She is a CAIXA’s career employee, joined the bank in 2003. In the most recent period, he served as National Manager of Third Party Accounting.

She is member of the FUNCEF Supervisory Board.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting sciences from the University of São Paulo and a master’s degree from Universidade de Brasília (UnB).


Executive Board

​Caixa Seguridade Participações S/A

Name Position Election Date
João Eduardo de Assis Pacheco Dacache CEO 01/23/2020
Eduardo Costa Oliveira CFO 07/01/2020
Camila de Freitas Aichinger Commercial and Product Officer 06/25/2020
Hebert Luiz Gomide Filho Corporate Governance and Risk Officer 07/01/2020

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João Eduardo de Assis Pacheco Dacache
Mr Dacache has been CEO of Caixa Seguridade since January 31, 2020.

He was the Vice President of Wholesale at CAIXA and, in this period, he was the first Vice President responsible for the bank in the absence of the President. He was also responsible for creating the new wholesale structure.

Mr. Dacache has 33 years’ professional experience in the financial market. He has worked for large institutions, such as Banco Santander Brasil and Banco Safra. He served as Vice President and member of the executive committee of Santander Brasil, member of executive committee of the Santander Brasil Corporate Governance, executive committee of Brazil Country Risk, executive committee of AML and Compliance and executive committee of Human Resources (SPP). He served as the Statutory Officer of Safra and J. Safra, responsible for Private Banking and Wealth Management business in Brazil.

Mr Dacache has extensive experience in executing strategic plans, creating, restructuring and managing commercial teams and products in the Corporate and Investment banking, middle market, retail and private banking sectors.

He is also a member of the board of directors of Banco Pan, Caixa Seguros Holding and Caixa Seguradora.

João Dacache has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Universidade Cândido Mendes,  an Executive MBA from Coopead – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and holds a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification.


Eduardo Costa Oliveira
Mr Oliveira is the Administration, Finance and Investor Relations Officer at Caixa Seguridade. He recently served as National Superintendent for Financial Planning at CAIXA and Administrative National Superintendent at Caixa Seguridade.

Eduardo has more than 15 years’ professional experience in the financial market and more than 10 years in CAIXA’s executive positions.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and an MBA in Risk Management from Universidade de São Paulo (FIPECAFI-USP), as well as an extension course in Strategic IT Management from FGV.


Camila de Freitas Aichinger
Mrs Aichinger has served as Commercial and Products Officer of Caixa Seguridade since  January 28, 2020.

She has worked in several areas of CAIXA, such as Individual Business, Corporate, Legal Entity, Judiciary and Civil Construction and, in the most recent period, she served as National Superintendent of Marketing and Regional Superintendent of Retail. Camila joined CAIXA in November 2000, and since 2005 has held managerial positions.

She is member of the Board of Directors of CNP Seguros Holding Brasil and Holding XS1.

Mrs Aichinger holds an MBA in administration (International Business) from FAE Business School in Curitiba/PR and an MSA in Territorial Development Management with an emphasis on Housing Policy from Escola de Administração da Universidade Federal da Bahia.


Hebert Luiz Gomide Filho
Hebert joined CAIXA in 2005. He held positions such as Head of the CAIXA Representative Office in Tokyo, Japan. He has been with Caixa Seguridade since the constitution of the Company. He was coordinator of the Working Group responsible for the restructuring of the Company’s insurance operations and, most recently, National Superintendent of Corporate Governance at Caixa Seguridade.

Hebert is a member of the Board of Directors of the Caixa Saúde.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from Faculdade de Ciências e Letras de Belo Horizonte, a postgraduate qualification in New Communication Technologies from Universidade de Belo Horizonte and in International Relations from Universidade de Brasília.